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Chickenpox,, Can Repeat?

Can Repeat?

Chicken pox is usually about an individual only once in a lifetime. However, some people claimed to experience it can be two to three times. Why can people repeatedly exposed to smallpox?

Chicken pox is a highly contagious infectious disease, caused by the Varicella zoster virus. "And most of it only happened once," said Dr. Antonius Arya from Adult Immunization Clinic, Bintaro International Hospital, Jakarta.

Well, if smallpox were to happen again to someone who never affected, he said, most likely it is herpes zoster. Herpes is very different with genital herpes is a sexually transmitted disease class.

Weakness and fever

Chicken pox contagious through coughing and sneezing and direct contact with fluid in the blisters of chickenpox. Among healthy children, the disease is usually not severe and brief. Patient's condition could become worse if accompanied by the occurrence of bacterial infections of the skin resulting in scarring, pneumonia, or inflammation of the brain.

Added Dr. Antonius, this disease is a contagious skin disease. Incidence of sudden and most often occurs in children, but adults can also be affected. And when adults who had chickenpox, are generally more severe symptoms.

These diseases occur in patients who reduced his body endurance. In patients who had good endurance, which caused only mild symptoms and short duration compared with patients with weak body resistance.

Chickenpox disease, known as varicella is usually characterized by a sudden limp body complaints, refusing to eat, fever, and itching. Varicella virus is transmitted through saliva splash of patients, could also be through direct contact with skin blister fluid from patients or indirectly via objects contaminated by liquid blister sufferers.

Incubation period, otherwise an alumnus of FK March Eleven University, Surakarta, between 10 to 21 days. In children, rare stage before the skin disorder appears (prodromal). While in older children and adults, often preceded by prodromal stage symptoms such as body weakness, fever, lazy meal.

Because these symptoms are similar to many other diseases such as flu or measles, many people are fooled. After appearing on the skin eruptions or disorder, which is a typical symptom of chicken pox, then clearly caught the disease.

Do not carded

After the incubation period, followed by the emergence of a rash of red spots that turn into blisters within a few hours. Lepuhannya distinctive shape, which is like a drop of dew (teardrops). These blisters average, there is no indentation in the middle (unumbilicated vesicle). If there are indentations in the middle of blisters, is usually not the chicken pox.

"If you detect any blisters, and starting from the center of the body to the side, preceded by symptoms of malaise, fever, accompanied by decreased appetite, doctors have considered the possibility you had chicken pox," he said. Moreover, if some two weeks before there is contact with smallpox patients.

The rash can be designated on the skin and mucosa, which could in the body, face and other body parts. If the blisters are scratched, be broken and open, and easy intruding bacteria. If you do not shower with clean water for instance, will occur a secondary infection with bacteria.

If infection occurs, it means the disease chicken pox virus will be added to the bacterial skin disease. Healing is no longer the primary and will usually result in the formation of connective tissue (scar) that will leave a mark.

Missed dose

Transmission of chickenpox, such as spoken Dr. M. Yulia Anggraini of Human Development Clinic, South Jakarta, has been started before the onset of skin disorders, ie incubation time (24 hours before the eruption). When approaching any period of recovery, are still at risk for infectious.

According to research, approximately 12 days after recovery, patients with a new "safe." However, to make it more secure, we suggest three weeks after recovery, patients do not make contact with others.

Complications of this disease in children is generally rarely arise. However, in adults can lead to brain inflammation (encephalitis), lungs (pneumonia), kidneys (glomerulonephritis), heart (karditis), liver (hepatitis), even death, if the patient endurance is very bad.

There's no specific treatment for chickenpox. If fever, can be given febrifuge. To reduce itching powder can be added by antigatal substances (containing menthol, kamfora). Besides reducing the itching, the powder is useful to prevent the outbreak of blisters early. If the result of secondary infection can be given antibiotics.

Any person can contract chickenpox, both those who have or had not been vaccinated. Approximately 75 percent of community members suffering from chickenpox infection before the age of 12 years. People who have had chickenpox are considered immune and do not need the vaccine.

National Immunization Program, continued Dr. Yulia, provide free immunizations for infants aged 18 months who have never suffered from chickenpox infection and missed doses for a junior class youth, who have never had chickenpox and vaccinated before. If anyone in the family home that has never infected, adults and children alike, make no direct contact with chicken pox patients.

Effective step is to get a chickenpox vaccination.

Chicken Pox and Smallpox Bede Fire

According to Dr. M. Yulia Anggraini of Human Development Clinic, South Jakarta, the medical term for chicken pox is varicella. Meanwhile, a monkey pox or measles fire is another skin disease called impetigo. Impetigo consists of two types, namely impetigo krustosa (in some areas) commonly called the honey chicken pox, and impetigo or chickenpox krustosa fire (monkey pox).

Although both called smallpox, two diseases (smallpox and smallpox fire honey) are not the same as chicken pox. Because, as stated Dr. Yulia, chickenpox caused by viruses, while chicken pox is a bacterium Staphylococcus fire. Viruses and bacteria are two different types of sources of disease. Therefore, required different handling.

Smallpox is a disorder that occurs honey around the nostrils and mouth. Characterized in skin redness and blisters that quickly memecab, leaving a scab (dead skin) is thick and yellow, like honey. If scab is released, looks beneath galling.

Compare with smallpox fire that often appear in the armpits, chest, and back. Characteristics are a reddish color appears in the skin and the bubbles (similar skin embers ignited cigarette). This similarity makes it possible is called chickenpox fire.

"Bubbles in the skin that contains pus and easily broken. Chickenpox is very contagious fire and move from one part to another part of the skin. If occurs in newborns, the infection can spread throughout the body via the bloodstream. The disease can cause fever and serious infection, "explained Dr. Yulia.

Because of different causes, treatment of both types of smallpox are also different. Still, there are also similarities between the two, namely cause scars if broken. Chickenpox is more severe type of scar.

Well, when you've found the cause, treatment can be relatively easy. "Given the smallpox fire cause is bacterial, antibiotics are given patent lives. Hopefully the patient get well soon. We must be concerned is to maintain self hygiene or good personal hygiene, so as not to contract the disease," he said.

Chickenpox (Without Water) Most Malignant

Bede chickenpox, smallpox no water is also different. Described by Dr. Yulia Anggraini, smallpox no water use medical language is smallpox, or variola.

A few centuries ago the virus that is estimated to come from India or Egypt is endemic and kills many people. Because many babies who died from this virus attack, which never grows tradition to name a newborn baby. If the baby can survive from variola, then he will be named.

Smallpox was not indiscriminate, infecting any circles. Carrying the disease has killed the Queen Mary II of England, King Luis I of Spain, Emperor Joseph I of Austria, Queen Ulrika Elenora of Sweden, King Louis XV of France and Tsar Peter II of Russia.

Health experts claim that the variola virus malignancy exceeds other infectious diseases combined. This virus is very easily spread from person to person. Symptoms of smallpox outbreaks of flu-like symptoms, including high fever, fatigue, headache, and backache, followed by the appearance of a rash on the skin.

There is no specific treatment for this disease, and only immunization around the world who can stop the spread of smallpox, which was conducted on three decades ago. Perhaps because it has managed to silence these malignant smallpox, in 1972 the U.S. government stopped routine vaccinations.

Notes about smallpox (variola):

1. The cause is a virus poxviruses (diff with varicella and zoster).
2. Almost similar to smallpox but vesikelnya much more. Contents vesikelnya not only
fluid, but the pus and blood.
3. Sometimes the bleeding so much. Hematopoetik virus can disrupt the system, causing
4. Declared free world smallpox (variola) in 1980. WHO declared the last case was
found in Somalia in 1977.
5. There are only two central research laboratories in the United States that keeps
the virus. Still debated whether or not to be destroyed.
6. Experts fear the virus could be abused and used as biological weapons to spread
disease. There are accusations that Iraq has this Variola virus.

What is Smallpox Snake?

One time in the Human Development Clinic, South Jakarta, a patient asked, "Doctor, I have the chicken pox a few years ago, there are rashes on the chest, back, eyes, forehead, and only on one side of the body." According to Dr. M. Yulia Anggraini practicing in the clinic, the patient's symptoms should be suspected as herpes zoster.

The disease popularly known as dampa, Dompo, or smallpox attack this snake ordinary adults / elderly, is a sequel of varicella disease. When someone is recovering from varicella, if unlucky, there are few viruses that reside in the nerve ganglion. When the weak state of patients, fatigue, or in patients with AIDS, the virus that had remained silent, and cause herpes zooster appear. Very rarely appear without prior varicella zooster.

Symptoms of shingles, according to Dr. Yulia, in the form of bubbles in groups, only one side of the body or body segment. It was sick, sore, hot. In chickenpox, patients only feel itchy. The virus lives in nerve tissue behind. Location of abnormalities in the skin region in accordance with the neural network.

Zooster herpes symptoms begin with severe pain in the chest, back, or in the eyes and forehead. Often occur only on one side of the body.

A day or two later, herpes appear on the skin area associated with nerve inflammation. General symptoms were fever, headache, and no appetite. Often also feel pain in muscles and bones, and skin rashes resulting reddish color. In a short time to change small bump-bump containing clear fluid (vesicles). These vesicles are usually in groups, different levels of maturity of the liquid contents. There is a clear, cloudy, pus, and some even contain such as blood.

Others with genital herpes, herpes zooster had no sexual contact is transmitted by contact. Transmitted through the air, saliva, or from direct contact with diseased skin.

Should watch the pain that arises after the attack of herpes. Usually lasts for several months, sometimes up to several years. The older age of patients with herpes zooster, the higher the risk of pain attacks.

Harmful if herpes zooster bubble appears on the face and hit the eye. Therefore, herpes treatment should be complete. "Not true if you felt it was cured and stopped the drug," said Dr. Yulia.

Antibiotics are not recommended. One class of drug is acyclovir, with a dose of 800 mg five times as long as 70-10 days.

Contracted Smallpox When Pregnant

Santi who was eight months pregnant chickenpox contracted the disease from her two children are still toddlers. He was worried that smallpox virus will harm her fetus. Fortunately, according to her doctor already immune because when young never been exposed to smallpox. "But, I still regularly consult with your doctor so that the fetus continues to be monitored properly," said the woman who lives in Bandung.

According to the CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), in pregnant women who are not immune, especially in the first four months of pregnancy, smallpox could make kelairan risk of fetal congenital varicella syndrome called. This condition is characterized by congenital abnormalities, can be:

- Scarring wounds in the skin,
- Defects in the limbs,
- Small head size,
- Hearing loss or vision,
- Mental development or motor abnormalities.

Pregnant women exposed to chickenpox are encouraged to undergo a detailed ultrasound examination at least 18-20 weeks gestational age, to see the least sign of other congenital disorders. There are times when necessary in consultation with experts to discuss genetic risks will arise and what decisions should be taken.

If the defect occurs in pregnancy sore old and more than five days before giving birth, the baby's condition will likely be fine. This is due five days after infection with smallpox virus, the mother's body to build antibodies against the virus and babies get antibodies through the placenta.

When exposed to smallpox mothers 5-21 days before the baby is born, there is a possibility the baby exposed to chicken pox a few days after birth. However, because the existing antibodies, his condition was not severe.

It would be more dangerous if smallpox were pregnant women experienced between five days before delivery and two days after giving birth. Little risk of exposure to the virus and can be serious because they do not have time to get a shipment of antibodies from the mother.

In this case, 30-40 percent increased risk of neonatal varicella that may require long-term treatment, even a lifetime. This severity can be reduced by an injection of varicella zoster immune globulin (VZIG) as soon after birth.

In order for Patients More Comfortable

Smallpox attack, despite the mild nature, still can make patients feel disturbed and uncomfortable. Fever mixed itching and other discomfort to make patients, especially children, can whine all night.

"My grandson also tuh chicken pox again, fussing continued to happen. I can not sleep until, come jagain him," the story Tatty Sarua who live in the area, this Tangerang.

To alleviate these problems, parents can do the following tips:

- Give a cold compress that has been medicated antigatal every 3-4 hours in the first
few days. Warm water bath that had been given drugs antigatal every day is also
allowed. Bathing does not make smallpox spread.
- Dry the body by press-nekannya with a towel instead of rubbing.
- Give antigatal lotion or powder on the area that itches, but not for the face,
especially near the eyes.
- Change clothes every day.
- Smallpox which grow in the mouth makes eating difficult patients. Select cold food,
soft, or already blended. Avoid acidic foods like orange juice or salt because it
can make a wound in the mouth even more poignant.
- Ask your doctor about the cream head pain when applied to the wound in the genital
area if smallpox also appeared in such an intimate area.
- Avoid giving aspirin because it is associated with Reye syndrome, which can lead to
liver disorders.
- Cut the nails to avoid scratching the rash on the skin to avoid infection. May need
to wear gloves.
- Separate from healthy people so that they are not infected.

Choose a vaccine or immune Because Pox?

Not a few parents who are skeptical about the smallpox vaccination as children who are immunized still at risk of contracting chickenpox. Meanwhile, if children never exposed to smallpox, the body will build antibodies to the virus. So, better get immunity from vaccination or from infection varicella virus itself?

Dr. Antonius Arya replied emphatically, "Vaccinations!" Vaccination gives full protection against chickenpox at 8-9 from 10 people. In people who continue to have chicken pox after vaccination, chickenpox is experienced very mild, with the number of under 50 rash, mild fever or no fever. Chickenpox also only lasted a few days. Compare to 500 rash (blisters) that can be experienced as yet vaccinated smallpox patients.

In children who have been vaccinated, chickenpox that occurred are minor to moderate. If the child has not been vaccinated, chickenpox infection risk for severe complications such as pneumonia, convulsions or brain infection (encephalitis), can even be fatal.

Vaccinations should be given to:

1. Children aged 12-18 months who have not had chicken pox should get one dose of
2. Children ages 19 months to 13 years that have not been infected with chickenpox
should get one dose of vaccination.
3. Adults who have not had chickenpox and work or live in vulnerable environments
chickenpox infection, such as in schools, child care nursing, hospitals,
dormitories, prisons, or military barracks.
4. Women of childbearing age who have never had chicken pox and not pregnant.
5. Adults and adolescents who have not had chicken pox and stay with the children.
6. People wishing to travel abroad and have not had chickenpox.

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